Texas Bounty Hunters

Texas Bounty Hunters is a Texas DBA of T1SMG TX LC #C19326

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Donald Washington Jr.
DOB 05/05/1979

Montgomery County Texas

Donald Washington Jr aka “The Gingerbread Man” is now in custody thanks to a called in tip. Almost a year long investigation closed after a four hour standoff.

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The first thing you need to know about Texas Bounty Hunters is that we are compliant with all state requirements. This means that we are licensed by the Texas Department Of Public Safety and we carry appropriate insurance as required by the DPS Private Security Bureau.

If you are doing business with an individual or company who is performing fugitive apprehension services you need to ask for and see the following.

1. State License either Class A, B or C.
2. An insurance Specimen that specifically includes and shows Fugitive Apprehensions are covered.
3. PSB form 05 which is filed by the insurance company directly to the Private Security Bureau.

If your P.I. / Bounty Hunter Does not have any and all of these items you are doing business with an unlicensed company, a Criminal Offense in the State Of Texas.

If you have a PI Pocket card and are not working directly for a licensed company and you are doing apprehensions you are committing a crime and if we find out who you are we will turn you in to DPS and local law enforcement. If you are a Bondsman and have a PI pocket card and you are doing your own recovery, you are committing a crime and we will turn you in.

A Pocket Card does not give you the authority to operate on your own or perform fugitive apprehensions or investigations as an individual. You must be employed by a licensed company and they must have a contract with the surety.

Who do we think we are you might ask? Why are we offering this information? We are Texas Bounty Hunters and if we have to play by the rules, well so should everyone else. We want everyone to know what the law is and that we will report anyone not abiding by it. It doesn’t make us any better or worse at what we do and we aren’t so egotistical that we think we are any better than anyone else but if the shoe fits and you are operating outside the law and we find out we will hunt you down, find your customers and turn you in to the Texas Department Of Public Safety. If you want to operate legally and need help we are happy to give you a hand. There is plenty of room and business for legal, ethical operators.